The Oracle of Gog and Magog: A Social-Rhetorical Interpretation of The Prophetic Discourse in Al-Kahf 83-101


  • Mowafg Abrahem Abrahem Masuwd Inter-Religious Studies Program, UGM Graduate School
  • Sahiron Syamsuddin UIN Sunankalijaga
  • Robert Setio Duta Wacana Christian University



As a prophetic narrative, Gog and Magog oracle has a strong influence over many Islamic sects and groups. The analysis and interpretation of God’s message within this oracle is a necessity to understand the social, cultural and literary influence of the narrative on religious and non-religious communities. By applying the socio-rhetorical interpretation (intertexture texture), readers can gain more awareness the prophetic discourse which is a part of Allah message to humanity. The main focus of the analysis is the inner texture.


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